Home Additions in Concord and Cornelius NC: Attached or Detached Additions

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Running out of space in your current home or just want an update? DP Contracting and Consulting specializes in home additions. Unlike other general contractors in Concord NC, we work with our customers throughout every step of the process from design to completion and we stick to a tight schedule. At DP Contracting and Consulting we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients and our superior workmanship.

Benefits of Home Additions

Clients often shy away from home additions in Concord NC because they believe the task is too large of an undertaking. If you select the right general contractors, you will not feel the stress of adding to your home. At DP Contracting and Consulting we work with you on your attached or detached home additions.

Home additions have many benefits over buying a new home and moving. The best choice is a home addition in Concord NC for the following reasons:

 It can cost less than moving especially if you need to purchase a home that is considerably larger than your current one.

 Adding a room to your home can make your home just the way you want it.

 You will not have to move neighborhoods or communities. This provides more stability for yourself and for your family.

 A home addition can add value to your home.

Where to Start with Home Additions

If you are not sure about how to start the process for home additions, turn to the professionals DP Contracting and Consulting to make your home the space it needs to be. Our general contractors in Concord NC have over 75 years of experience in home upgrades, renovation, and contracting services.

We understand the ins-and-outs of home additions. DP Contracting and Consulting will obtain any legal permits needed to begin building, design your space to be the most usable for your needs, match the original style and scale of your home, and be certain that your home addition is outfitted with the proper electricity and plumbing.

Home Additions that Fit the Needs of Any Family

Many situations and circumstances bring about the need for a home addition in Concord NC. Home additions can be made to fit the needs of growing families for whatever reason is necessary. At DP Contracting and Consulting we increase the available square footage of your home to accommodate your family's needs.

Add a Mother-in-Law Suite to a Home

A common reason for home additions is to add a mother-in-law suite to a home. A mother-in-law suite can be either attached or detached, depending on the needs of the individual customer. These suites can be added above a garage, above or below the main floor, attached to the home, or detached like a guesthouse.

DP Contracting and Consulting has experience in building all types of mother-in-law suites throughout Concord, Huntersville, Mooresville, and Davidson, including those that have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

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Add to the square footage of your home with a home addition from DP Contracting and Consulting! Our experienced
general contractors stick to a schedule! We proudly serve customers in Concord, Cornelius, Huntersville, Lake Norman, and Davidson NC.